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If you would like the answers to such questions as “What is Kava?“, “How is Kava Prepared?” or “What is The Best Kava?“, check out our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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Fiji Harmony

Deep Physical Relaxation with the best Fiji Kava - Fiji Harmony Kava

✔️ Reclaim Your Serenity

✔️ Ideal to Relax and Unwind with

✔️ The perfect wellness drink!

✔️ Refill Your Cup

$52.95 - $169.95

Vanuatu Natural

UNLEASH THE POWER of Vanuatu Natural and make the move away from alcohol today!

✔️ Alcohol-Free – No More Hangovers

✔️ Improve Relationships and Social Interaction

✔️ Enhanced Physical Wellbeing

✔️ Good for the Body and Mind

$19.20 – $179.95

Waka Premium

The "King" of Fiji Kavas

✔️ Available only in fine gradient

✔️ 100% powerful Waka

✔️ Heavy body effect

$59.95 – $195.50

Melo Melo

Vanuatu Noble Kava

✔️ Easy on the palate

✔️ Subtle flavour and smooth effect

✔️ Ideal for kava cocktails

✔️ Gives euphoric buzz

$58.95 – $206.50


Vanuatu's most popular

✔️ Mild peppery flavour

✔️ 70% stump and 30% lateral mix

✔️ Perfect heavy to heady blend

✔️ The “go-to” kava for first-timers

$56.95 – $184.95


"Top Shelf" Noble Variety

✔️ High-end noble variety

✔️ 70% stump and 30% lateral mix (1-3mm gradient)

✔️ High on the heady scale (highly euphoric)


$59.95 - $215.50

Instant Kava

Get Your Kava On .. In an instant

✔️ Really quick to make – simply put into a shaker or glass, stir and drink!

✔️ Great for traveling

✔️ Kava cocktails made easy!

$62.95 – $549.95

Kava Accessories

Designed to make kava drinking easier for you

✔️ Aluball Kava Shaker – real easy to use. Takes about 2 minutes to get your kava ready for drinking


✔️ Kava Straining Bag – Helps maximise the kavalactone extraction from your next kava squeeze


✔️ Coconut Kava Shell – The best way to experience the traditional drinking method


Moana Premium

The Very Best of the Best Kava from Tonga

✔️ Beautifully creamy and smooth to taste

✔️ High-level heady potency

✔️ The ideal party kava!

$65.50 – $219.95

the best Kava package deals

As you would have read in “our story“, our experience with drinking kava is a long one. We have tried some of the best kava and some of the worst! It’s why we’ve been able to establish the following.

With our thoughtfully-designed kava package deals, we make it easy for both first time kava users and experienced kava “connoisseurs”. In all cases we also include a free kava straining bag as well!

As such, you can now enjoy and experience the full breadth of the best kava range at really friendly prices.

Perhaps you’re unsure whether you will prefer heady or heavy kava, or maybe a mix of both? 

Well, we try to cover the full spectrum of kava variations in all The Best Kava Package Deals. Overall, it’s our aim to make your task of choosing and buying your preferred kava as easy and hassle-free as possible.

As you will see below, we have a range of rich combinations of Tongan Kava, Fiji Kava, Vanuatu Kava, Instant Kava – all noble varieties. Premium quality with premium service and competitive pricing! Notably, it’s particularly useful (and practical) to have ready access to all these products when you are in say, party mode, and looking to make some amazing kava cocktails (using these kava recipes).

Kava Twin Pack 250gm

Kava Twin Pack

Kava Twin Pack – Vanuatu Melo Melo & Fiji's Waka Premium

Instead of having to choose which country’s kava to get ….

We are here to help! With the Vanuatu and Fiji Twin Pack – 250gm, you get the best of both countries at a reduced price!

Social Buzz or Relaxed Tranquility….. it’s your choice!

The Vanuatu and Fiji Twin Pack lets you enjoy the happiness of Melo Melo or the tranquil calm of Waka.

Whatever temperament you desire….  The Twin Pack is designed to accommodate YOU!

✔️ 250 gm of Waka Premium (Fiji) – Brings a soothing calm to the mind and the body! 

✔️ 250gm of Melo Melo (Vanuatu) – Happiness abound with this fantastic alcohol replacement!

✔️ Re-Useable KAVA STRAINING BAG! – Built tough to last for many months of squeezing!

✔️ Ship out Same Day  – Order today before 1pm AEST and your order is  out the door!


Kava 3-Pack Combo

Kava 3 Pack – Vanuatu, Fiji and Instant Kava

250gm Vanuatu Natural, 250gm Fiji Harmony, 100gm Instant Kava, and a FREE STRAINING BAG!

A piece of Vanuatu, a portion of Fiji and a dash of Instant!

✔️ 250gm Vanuatu Natural

✔️ 250gm of Fiji Harmony

✔️ 100gm of Instant Kava


Kava 4-Pack Combo

Kava 4 pack – 4 x 250gm packs of our most popular kava

Are you new to kava and not sure about which kava to start with? Here you have the best of all worlds: Work out which kava best suits you!

Includes 250gm packs of:

✔️ Vanuatu Natural,

✔️ Tonga’s Moana Premium 

✔️ Fiji’s Fiji Harmony

✔️ Fiji’s Waka Premium

✔️ PLUS a complimentary straining bag!


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