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kava in australia

a bit of history plus some questions and answers

First – A little Bit of History

Drinking the best kavaPeople have been drinking kava in Australia for many years. This is partly due to tourists returning from Vanuatu with a kilo or two of kava with them and “sharing the love” with friends and family. On top of that, there is a very sizable Pacific Islander population in Australia. It’s only natural that they would wish to keep their kava drinking traditions intact whilst living here.

Nevertheless, it’s only recently that the drink has gained popularity outside of its native areas. Relaxation of the importation rules by the Australian Government have certainly helped this a great deal!

Kava is well-known as one of the most popular ways to relax and people are using it to help with anxiety and insomnia. Although there are many different varieties of kava available on the market today, Vanuatu noble varieties are considered to be one of the best kava types for relaxation.

Noble variety kava comes from Vanuatu – an island country located just off the coast of Australia – where it has been used as a recreational beverage for hundreds or even thousands of years. However, It’s not just Vanuatu that has the noble variety strains. Tonga and Fiji also have theirs. Noble varietal kavas are also known for their ability to help reduce stress, relieve pain and induce sleepiness after consumption. Also, these effects can last anywhere from three hours up until several days depending on how much you drank!

Kava Choc Shake using the best kavaInstant Kava, Kava Drinks including cocktails

If you’re looking for something a little more active than just sitting around sipping tea, then perhaps you should check out some local cocktails made using Kava instead. As a point of interest, they’re quite popular among Fijians who use them while socialising at parties or festivals (like: Lali-Lali). Here’s a great link for kava recipe ideas.

A point to note is that we deliver locally – that is, to every part of Australia except the N.T.

Further on is more information on this aspect of kava in Australia, however the bottom line is that it’s illegal to sell kava in the N.T.

Moving on – Kava is a traditional Pacific drink that has been used by many different cultures for centuries. Today, kava is most commonly associated with all South Pacific Islands but mainly, it’s grown in Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Hawaii.

Though there are many types of kava, we only stock 100% noble varieties at The Best Kava Shop. This is because because they are certified organic and have the highest levels of active ingredients (known as kavalactones). These same ingredients are the ones that produce a pleasant feeling of relaxation without causing any sedation or drowsiness.

The Best Kava is HACCAP-CertifiedAll of our kava is certified, which means you get peace of mind knowing it complies with Australian food standard regulations.

Certification is important because it guarantees the kava was grown, harvested, processed and packaged in accordance with Australian food standards. Moreover, this also helps to ensure that when you buy kava online, your kava is safe to consume as well as being compliant with all relevant regulations.

We take pride in being able to offer you Australia’s premium range of kavas from around the Pacific. They include all your favourite noble strains such as Moana Premium (from Tonga), Waka Premium (from Fiji) and Borogu, Melo Melo and Kelai from Vanuatu! And let’s not forget the wonders of our Instant Kava!

The most frequent questions asked about kava in australia

what is kava & where does it grow?

Kava is a root plant with its proper name being Piper methysticum. It’s only the root of the plant that’s used to make kava powder and for drinks. Specifically, it is grown in the Pacific Islands. And in particular, the following countries: Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Micronesia.

how is kava prepared?

In Fiji, dried Kava root is used and ground into a pulp. After, they add water and the kava usually is normally mixed in a large bowl. in Vanuatu, the process differs slightly. That is, traditionally, they cut the root, and break it into small pieces. After chewing the root, it's diluted with clean water and served in a coconut shell.

Why is kava used?

People use Kava for various reasons such as a recreational drink (been there, done that!). However, it is also used as part of deep cultural ceremonies and traditions. Alternatively, others use Kava for wellness and to help with a variety of conditions. so essentially kava is used for ceremonial reasons and as a social tonic.

Where Can I buy kava in Australia?
what is kava & where does it grow?
how is kava prepared?
Why is kava used?

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