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Frequently asked questions

What is Kava? Where Does Kava Grow? How is Kava Prepared? Why is Kava Used?

So, what is the best Kava?

The Best Kava Roots - Noble Variety

The answer is subjective, depending upon your kava drinking experience and personal tastes. Either way, noble variety kava is a root plant with its proper name being Piper methysticum. Furthermore, it is thought that the name Kava derives from the Tongan language meaning “bitter”.

You may not be aware that it’s only the root of the plant that’s used to make kava powder and for drinks. Consequently, different parts of the root are used for different purposes.

For instance, it’s good for you to know some of the methods used for the preparation of kava in Fiji.

Fiji Kava Preparation

There they use the lateral root – Waka and the main root, Lawena. Because Waka Kava has a much higher kavalactone content than the Lawena, Waka Kava is more potent and has a bitter taste.

Also, did you know that the effects from Kava are due to the kavalactones? These are a lactone compound that are responsible for creating the psychotropic effects of Kava drinks. And so it is that these kavalactone compounds make for the best kava. Therefore, people usually measure the potency of Kava based on its kavalactone content.

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Where Does Kava Grow?

Pacific Islands Map

Now that you understand the “what is kava” question, we can look at its origins. Specifically, it comes from the Pacific Islands. And in particular, the following countries:

  • Vanuatu
  • Fiji
  • Samoa
  • Tonga
  • Solomon Islands and
  • Micronesia

Kava Plant in Vanuatu

How is Kava Prepared?

Next, we look at how people prepare it. For instance, in the Pacific Islands, they still use Kava root.

Kava Roots

However, as you may already know, in Australia and other western countries, Kava powder is the main form. What follows are some examples of different Kava preparation.


In Fiji, Kava is usually prepared as part of the Yaqona ceremony where an MC (master of Ceremonies) uses dried Kava root and grinds it into a pulp. Additionally, they may strain it through a traditional strainer bag as well or knead the mixture. After that, they add water and the kava usually is normally mixed in a large bowl. Ultimately, the kava drink is then distributed to the ceremonial group wherein each person takes a drink.


Hand-selected and expertly harvested, the premium kava grown is the Leka Hina kava variety. During preparation, roots undergo a rigorous process that includes sun-drying and stone grinding to preserve the plant’s beneficial properties. This precise approach ensures that the kava maintains its potency, flavor, and unique characteristics.


Vanuatu Kava Preparation of the best kava

As we know from experience, in Vanuatu, the process differs slightly. That is, traditionally, they cut the root, and break it into small pieces. Then, as we have seen, children or young women chew the root and spit it into a bowl. Also, it is often then mixed with coconut water or coconut milk.

By chewing the root, the active ingredients of the Kava (kavalactones) are released. Once the root mixes with the water or milk, they strain and squeeze it. To top it off, they dilute it with clean water and serve in a coconut shell for drinking.

Why is Kava Used?

People use Kava for various reasons such as a recreational drink (been there, done that!). However, it is also used as part of deep cultural ceremonies and traditions. Alternatively, others use Kava for wellness and to help with a variety of conditions.

 For ceremonial reasons

In countries like Fiji, Kava is a ceremonial drink where the Kava ceremony in Fiji is a fabulous thing to witness. A ceremony leader gives Kava to participants sitting in a circle. Then each participant takes turns to empty a bowl of Kava. Also, it is a mark of disrespect if you refuse a drink.

Although the Kava ceremony in Fiji is the best-known example, other Pacific Nation countries have their own ceremonies and traditions too.

For instance, one of the traditions in Vanuatu is the use of certain kava strains for ceremonial occasions. The noble variety Melo Melo is is one such strain.

 As a social tonic

As we do, throughout the world, people enjoy Kava as a social drink. Also, the effects that Kava instils are something people enjoy. As such, it often replaces alcohol as a safer social tonic without the negative side effects of a hangover.

In fact, these days there are more and more people turning to kava cocktails as their alternative drink of choice (such as these delightful kava recipes).

People drink Kava at bars (in Vanuatu these are known as “nakamals”). There, friends will gather to enjoy Kava together. Moreover, drinking kava is a very social thing that helps relaxation and often creates a pleasant sense of euphoria.

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