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The Best Kava in Australia

where does the best kava come from?

where can you buy the best kava?

Young woman drinking the best kava in AustraliaWHERE DOES THE BEST KAVA IN AUSTRALIA COME FROM?

Well, when we talk about the best kava in Australia and where it comes from, it usually means a discussion that ends with – “Which is best –Fiji Kava, Vanuatu Kava or Tongan Kava?”.

This is quite understandable. Why? Simply because the best noble variety kava strains come from these three countries.

The Best Kava from FIJI

Though all kava in Fiji comes from noble varieties, it’s the Waka Kava strain from Fiji that is usually the one you can buy in Australia. It is known as being the top one of the “heavy” varieties. By that, I mean it is the one to drink if you are looking to relax your body without being highly euphoric. This relaxing effect comes about from the level of kavalactones in the Waka roots powder. Hence, this makes it ideal for people for social occasions. After all, that is when we want to be relaxed. As a side note, people also use the relaxing body effect for medical and health benefits.

Image of two young women enjoying a shell of kava with the caption Reclaim Your SerenityHowever, with that said, the newest addition to the Fiji Kava stable is the Fiji Harmony Kava – a blend of noble variety strains. It has proven immensely popular within the wellness community for a number of reasons:

(a) It is wonderfully smooth and creamy without the bitter taste that’s characteristic of the Waka strain;

(b) Due to the nature of the chosen strains blended, it provides a perfectly balanced serenity mood.

The Best Kava from VANUATU

Vanuatu exports the largest range of noble variety kava strains to Australia.

They range from the “heady” to the “heavy” varieties (although none are as ‘heavy’ as the Waka from Fiji). In brief, the following types from Vanuatu are the most popular and strongest strains in Australia:

Kelai Kava – From Epi Island. This boutique kava cultivar is on par with the heady qualities of Melo Melo.

Melo Melo Kava – Straight from Pentecost Island in Vanuatu.

Borogu Kava – Comes from three of the major provinces in Vanuatu –  PENAMA, SHEFA and SANMA. Borogu is easily the most popular of Vanuatu kava types within Vanuatu. In fact, it is this variety which is commonly found in the majority of nakamals. This is mainly because of its quicker yield time and size. This means that the kava growers get a better return on the use of their land and on their labour. So, they grow lots of it. It’s also an excellent all-round kava. Most kava types land in either the “heady” or the “heavy” camp. However, Borogu is a lovely balance of both. It gives a nice euphoric buzz coupled with a relaxing body effect.

Image of man drinking Vanuatu Natural kava after a workout in the gymVanuatu Natural Kava Blend – This is a pure blend of Noble Kava varieties. If you have enjoyed the Borogu Kava, then this one will blow you away! It has a similar taste and smell to Borogu but is a touch smoother and is really strong! Drinking Vanuatu Natural Kava truly is the ideal alternative to drinking alcohol.

Its major benefits are that it’s:





The Best Kava from TONGA

Young woman holding a cup of Moana Premium Kava with caption Perfect Finish to a Perfect Day NaturallyPerhaps surprisingly to most, Australia imports more kava from Tonga than anywhere else. However, it’s not until recently that a High-Quality kava from there has become available. It’s called Moana Premium –  straight from the award-winning Moana Plantation Tefisi, Vau Va’u Island. Moana Premium is smooth, heady sociable kava ideally enjoyed with friends in the afternoon!

Its major features are that it’s creamy and smooth to taste with a high-level heady potency! This kava is known for its strong and long-lasting effects. This makes it a favorite among kava enthusiasts who are looking for a more intense experience.

A sense of relaxation and euphoria that lasts for hours has been reported by many folks who have tried Moana Premium kava. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to unwind after a long day or simply enjoy a more intense kava experience.


Picture of Instant Kava Packs with Fresh Fruit on a PlatterFinally, there’s Instant Kava. Fiji doesn’t have the capacity to produce it whereas Vanuatu does. It is made by dehydrating fresh green kava juice which then forms a very fine powder. This is often referred to as the “10-second kava” because it only takes that amount of time to prepare it.

One of the beauties of Instant Kava also is that it’s the ideal mix for preparing Kava Cocktails and Smoothies. Check out some of our Kava Recipes here. Finally, it’s an unfortunate situation that some so-called instant kava available here in Australia is simply micronised root powder – unpleasant to drink and not as effective as the real stuff. All our kavas are fully certified as being of noble variety. So, please be aware of the difference.

Kava bowl with the best kava2WHERE CAN YOU BUY THE BEST KAVA?

The emphasis here is on the words – ‘the best kava‘. There is a huge number of kava vendors in Australia, however, much of the kava imported is of questionable quality.

Import regulations here in Australia don’t prohibit the importation and/or selling of wild kava yet! Here’s a great explanation from Australia Kava Shop of what exactly is meant by ‘wild kava: “Wild Kava is commonly known as Tu Dei (Two Day) or Isa, is a quick yielding kava variety. In the past two decades of kava research it is generally understood that these varieties are unsafe for drinking. They are normally high in the DHM and DHK kava lactones which can be traced to some hepatoxic issues.  It is called Tu-Dei (Two Day) kava as it is known to give you a kava hangover for up to 2 days.”

There is only a handful of retail shops selling kava in Australia so  the majority of kava is sold online. Hark back to our earlier comment regarding the need to ensure that the kava that you buy online is certified. If it is, this will guarantee the quality of what you are buying.

The bottom line is that we have chosen Australia Kava Shop to be the supplier of kava to our valued customers. The reasons for this choice are:

> All their kava is guaranteed to be noble variety strains, fully backed by certification in the kava’s respective country of origin as well as here in Australia;

> Their service is second-to-none. Friendly, personal and very efficient;

> Great product range at competitive prices;

> They will deliver to any location in Australia (apart from the N.T. where it is illegal to do so).

IMPORTANTLY, When you buy kava from us, you pay exactly the same as if you were to order direct from Australia Kava Shop (although we go one step better and we give you a discount of 10% on your first order through us!).

Buy Kava Australia and Buy Kava Online are other vendors who have also chosen Australia Kava Shop as their supplier.

If you want to know more about kava, have a read of our blog article “If Kava is a Mystery to You“. It contains some good facts and informative links.

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